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Jamaal Bonnette




Brockton, MA

Three Words

thought-provoking / critical / moving

Jamaal Bonnette is a Piano Craft Gallery board member and artist out of Brockton, Mass, and has been painting and displaying his work since its early inception in 2014.

Jamaal has displayed his work in galleries across Boston, particularly at the Piano Craft Gallery for a month long interactive exhibit (2018 & 2022), The Menino Arts Center (2017), The Stacy Adams Cultural Building (2016), and NOSA gallery also housed and displayed Jamaal’s work for a month long multi-artist exhibition (2023). His art is also been housed in buildings such as The Liquid Art House and Savvor Night Club in Boston, MA. Jamaal has also teamed up with the Culture Collective of CT, to display his art in Hartford (2016). He was spotlight artist for a week long installation at Canvas of Memphis in Memphis, TN (2018), and has been a spotlight artist for the Living Gallery in Brooklyn, NY (2023).

His work implements ideas of higher spiritual entities highlighting overlooked love, compassion & growth. His work is full of multiple meanings and offers different perspectives that are expressed by bringing to light the most hidden divisions of sanity and reality.

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