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Dina Doyle


Oil Painter


Tiverton, RI

Three Words

fun | colorful | different

Dina Doyle, RI based figurative painter, mainly self-taught, with continued education studies in Amsterdam, New York Academy of Art (NYC)  and RISD (RI).
I work in oil on wood or canvas, choosing simple palette and classical forms of applying oil paint. I constantly get inspired by the human body, the ways it transforms and takes shapes. My main focus is on the light situations and the way it changes colors of the skin. Color takes a great part in my work,  as I  create color stories, I start with traditional underpainting, which I glaze over with multicolored layers of oil.

By distorting human form, hyper - idealizing it and dropping all the social norms, I am inviting viewer to connect to his/hers imagination, wonder and play. I would like my paintings to invite the viewer to choose for themselves onto where it will take them. I take my inspiration from mannerist era, Late Renaissance, like Bronzino, El Greco, Tintoretto and others.

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